Iridium Spa Dubai

Literally meaning ‘of rainbows,’ the word ‘iridium’ comes from the greek mythological goddess Iris, who transcends sea and sky as a messenger and is manifested as a rainbow. And today, iridium itself is one of the most precious and rarest elements on earth. a transition metal of the platinum family, iridium is the second most dense element in the world and is ten times less abundant than platinum.

Rare and refined from the arrival to departure, Iridium Spa provides guests with the rarest of luxuries: Time. It is here where guests can enjoy exclusive access to one of the world’s most coveted benefits. Time dedicated to you. Whether for half an hour or half a day, it is about the individual moments that are tailored precisely to you – guiding you through a spectrum of moods – whether you wish to be energised, simply wind down or completely tailor your own experience.

Open daily 9.00 am – 9.00 pm

Rejuvenate and refresh with a St. Regis Dubai Iridium Spa gift certificate, a serene experience friends and family will treasure. Each moment at Iridium Spa offers a lasting impression and provides guests with the finest experience imaginable.



The Iridium Spa at The St. Regis Dubai invites guests into a transcendental world, where each moment is crafted to provide a lasting impression. Born from the DNA of the St. Regis brand, and exclusive to St. Regis only, Iridium Spa offers a spectrum of rare and refined services that will provide guests with the finest experience imaginable.

As a guest at Iridium Spa, we invite you to enjoy our decadently appointed facilities within the Iridium Spa.

Facilities & Services 

In Iridium Spa male guests will be treated by a male therapist and female guests will be treated by a female therapist.

Ladies Facilities                                              Gentleman's Facilities
Sauna                                                                Sauna
Steam room                                                       Steam room
Experience shower                                            Experience shower
Whirlpool                                                            Whirlpool
Spa changing rooms                                          Spa changing rooms
Relaxation area for ladies only                           Relaxation area for gents only

Building on a legacy that dates back to 1938 and the grand opening of The Iridium Room at The St. Regis New York, Iridium Spa at The St. Regis Dubai articulates the same distinctive elegance—both in the enthralling design of its treatment suites and in thoughtful gestures like a signature tea ritual.
Immersing guests in complete serenity, the palatial Iridium Spa consists of six treatment rooms, including separate sections for ladies and gents, each featuring dedicated wet areas with steam and sauna facilities, two hammams, and a generous relaxation area in the form of The Iridium Room, spa guests are guided on a transformative journey through a spectrum of moods during their relaxation experience at The St. Regis Dubai.

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